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Experience airsoft like you never have before at Battlefront Reloaded!

Each month PA-TAC and Battlefront combine forces to bring you intense 6mm combat, utilizing our prime field terrain to put you right in the action!


Skirmishes: $20/admission for all day action! More relaxed game days where we break our session into multiple "game modes", everything from capture the flag to attack and defend, even including several of our own unique scenarios!

Major Events: Stop out for our major Operations, where we put you on the field for a full day of advanced-level airsoft combat! Each OP has it's own theme and ruleset, check the Events section for more details!

Vending: Battlefront Airsoft has all of your player needs. Ammo, tactical gear, green gas, and TAG products including hand grenades and 203 shells! Stop in and check out our selection!

General Safety Info & Ruleset: 

!!!NOTE!!! Gameplay may change between events. For most up-to-date info, check our Facebook Event posts!



*Required Items to Bring on the field*
- Full seal goggles and/or lower face protection
- Dead rag
- Boots
- Watch
- Hydration

*Recommended Items to Bring on Field*
- Speed loader and extra bbs
- Snacks or packed lunch
- Phone with pouch for use with app

(Waiver: available on-site)
- Players must sign waiver and fill out info card before entering field. For players under 18, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR WAIVER SIGNED BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN AND LOWER FACE PROTECTION IS REQUIRED. This can be in the form of a shemagh, balaclava, bandanna, or mouth-guard, but it must be worn during the entirety of the game.
- For players 18+, lower face protection is not required BUT HEAVILY SUGGESTED!
- Full seal paintball masks will be available for rent for $5
- Make sure you have some form of hydration
- Chrono limit is 1.7J, or 3.0J with bolt action
- Bolt action rifles over 1.7J are required to carry a backup weapon and maintain a minimum engagement distance as determined by admin at chrono, 3J limit
- Rifles are semi only, valid support weapons may shoot full auto, max 20RPS and 10ft MED (Admin's discretion, NO M4 w/ BOX MAG).
- Cold-burning/pull ring smoke only, no smoke that is white/black in color, no flare-top grenades, Reapers/Archangels approved for use NO DIRECT FIRE. Police your pyro, if you launch or throw it, you're responsible to make sure it doesn't start a fire.

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