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1800 OH-7, Brookfield Township, OH 44403

Paintball & Airsoft Events

We here at Battlefront Reloaded are dedicated to bringing you the most fun for you dollar! We host multiple styles of both paintball and airsoft events, ranging from laid-back afternoon skirmishes to full-on themed events and milsim OPs! We just recently hosted our March Madness airsoft event with 180+ players in attendance. 

There is no minimum age to play, and no matter what your background we are comitted to making sure that everyone steps off the field exhausted and with smiles on their faces! So what are you waiting for? Get off that couch and come out to game!


Who We Are

In 1954, an explosion destroyed a gunpowder production facility located near Hubbard, Ohio. The Plant, which had been in production since the 1800's, was abandoned, and over the years the remaining buildings, bridges and rail lines became reforested and reclaimed by nature. We reconditioned the site to provide paintball and airsoft players one of the most realistic gaming experiences available anywhere. The "bomb damaged" condition of the buildings, the shell-hole craters in the streets, the strategically located sandbags and log bunkers all combine to add extraordinary realism to the various game scenarios. Stop out and enjoy over 120+ acres of prime action-sports terrain!


Services and Support

Battlefront Reloaded offers a vast array of amenities to both new and experienced players alike! 

- FREE all-day air fills with admission
- FREE bottled water during the summer months
- Paintball mask & gun rental
- Airsoft mask & gun rental (LIMITED QTY)

- Overnight event camping (when applicable)

And much more! Check out our indoor staging area for a full vendor selection of ammo, tactical gear, and pyrotechnics (including smoke, hand grenades, and more!).


Contact Us

Thanks for contacting us, we will return your email ASAP!

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